Excel Automation

  • Savian can take existing processes that rely on SAS DDE or other technologies and create massively parallel Excel automated processes. Excel is not required to be on the server or machine. Savian uses a process that generates the Excel file directly.Savian also has a utility that will allow Excel files to be generated in the data step as PUT statements vs using DDE or other technologies. This provides much greater control over the layout.

Word Automation

  • Uses a similar process to the Excel automation

PowerPoint Automation

Microsoft Project Automation

Visio Simulation

  • Visio is different than the rest of Office but Savian has successfully automated diagram creation from a datasourceSharePoint integration

SAS Analysis

Analyze SAS logs. Our analysis generates Excel worksheets that describe all aspects of what happened to help identify libnames, data sources, and resource usage

Create a flow of SAS programs to determine paths of execution

Custom PC builds

Help customers choose PC parts and build custom systems designed for large scale processing. Water-cooled, high RAM, state-of-the-art CPUs and motherboards. Systems designed to push the limits of computing as a personal workstation.