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This website is designed to showcase solutions developed by Savian. Contact Savian to inquire about functionality requiring a login.

Functionality includes:

  • SAS Product Usage
  • SAS Proc Analysis
  • SAS Programs Analysis
  • SAS Log Analysis
  • PowerShell scripts
  • Standalone EXEs
  • Links to GitHub solutions

Savian, LLC

Savian Integrates Microsoft and SAS technologies.

  • Architecture to Determine the Best Use of SAS
  • Determining Integration Points with Microsoft Technologies
  • Automated Office Solutions
  • Services Architecture
  • SAS Code Optimization
  • Appropriate Usage of SAS and Roles for
  • SAS Best Practices for Performance and Maintainability


Technologies Used at Clients:
  • .NET Core
  • Blazor
  • Web Services
    • WebAPI
  • Office Automation
  • SharePoint
  • SAS Integration Technologies

Website Public Sections

Section Description
SaviLog Performs SAS log analysis and determines system usage, log details
SaviAnalysis Performs SAS code analysis and determines statement usage. Items such as what procs (and which product they are used in) are used in what programs.
SaviParser Analyzes SAS programs to determine their makeup (procs, functions, statements, etc.)
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