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Welcome to the Savian Application (SaviApp) showcase.

Here are current highlights and notes.


Section Description
SaviLog Performs SAS log analysis and determines system usage, log details
SaviAnalysis Performs SAS code analysis and determines statement usage. Items such as what procs (and which product they are used in) are used in what programs.
SaviParser Analyzes SAS programs to determine their makeup (procs, functions, statements, etc.)


Date Page Notes
2020-Feb-27 N/A EF support for gRPC
2020-Feb-27 N/A Remove directory browsing from static file server when testing is done.
2020-Feb-27 N/A Export to PDF is not supported in GemBox w/o reference to PresentationCore. Will await update.
2020-Feb-27 N/A Need abilitiy to save user choices and handle state from one session to the next.
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