SAS/Microsoft Consulting

Savian provides expertise in integrating SAS and Microsoft technologies. From web services fronting SAS to Microsoft Office automation, Savian has the expertise. Savian has automated PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Project, SharePoint and many other Microsoft technologies. Using state-of-the-art libraries, Savian can enable your organization to reduce its manual costs for items such as Excel data entry.

Savian has also put SAS on web services (including Kestrel) using only a limited SAS subset (Base, Integration Technologies, Access).

Savian uses .NET Core solely along with the needed SAS technologies to expose SAS functionality.


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Custom Builds

Savian can help you create custom PC builds/individual workstations. Our experience is with water-cooled systems and advanced Intel and Nvidia GPUs. We rely on Corsair PSUs and typically only build systems with 32GB of RAM to support statistical and analytical processing. All SSDs are M2 but we work with our clients to meet their needs. Some data needs are extensive so matching systems to large volume or challenged CPUs (stat, GIS, mathematically-intense algorithms) is our priority. We also recommend Synology NAS systems.

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Savian brings a wealth of experience and success to the table. From working on the largest retail merger in history (10,000 Excel worksheets per day were automated by Savian) to Visio diagram automation for the Orion spacecraft, Savian has seen and met incredible challenges. Some examples:

  • Excel worksheet creation
    • 10,000 Excel worksheets per day. Took process from 17 hours/day on 7 PCs to 10 minutes on a laptop
  • Orion Visio diagrams
    • Automated Visio diagram creation that took an engineer 18 hours to create. New process ran in under 1 minute
  • SAS web services front
    • Saved client millions of dollars over time by fronting SAS with .NET web services (Kestrel and EF Core).